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Mauldin Cultural Center | Greenville, SC


Services specifically designed for singer’s voice to include but not limited to:

  1. Voice Development
  2. Vocal Technique and Textures
  3. Phrasing
  4. Interpretation and Style
  5. Dynamics
  6. Harmonies
  7. Blending
  8. How to care for the singer’s voice
  9. Stage Presentation
  10. Intro to Songwriting
  11. Piano Lessons
  12. Tips for singing in a recording studio

Program Design

Each singer has different needs therefore, a program is specifically designed for each individual in order to develop their voice in a proper direction. In addition, each program can be designed for the style of music the singer performs. Cindy works with all musical genres to include Pop, Rock, Broadway, Country and Contemporary Christian. Programs can be designed for a specific need, for example: To correct an isolated vocal problem, prepare for a recording session or concert tour. However, for those who wish, a long-term development program can be designed. Programs can be designed for both the professional and aspiring amateur.

Prices for Private Lessons

$50.00 for 45 minutes
$60.00 for an hour