Private Lessons

Private voice lessons, intro to songwriting, stage & studio technique for all skill levels!
Lessons are $50 for 45 minutes or $60 for one hour.

Cindy Overfield

Private Lessons

After over 30 years of teaching singing, piano, show choir, group classes and conducting church choir in Nashville, TN, Cindy Overfield now resides in Greenville, SC where she continues to offer private lessons to students of all ages and skill levels.

She has her Bachelors Degree in Music Education from Mars Hill University and moved from Asheville, NC to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue teaching, singing and songwriting. As a teacher, Cindy’s goal is to enhance your talent by assessing your voice and creating the proper technics and skills to enhance your singing ability. Also, Cindy wants to encourage you to learn to sing the songs that you like. For example, if pop music is your favorite, we will pick out some of your favorite pop songs to work on. ” You may not be able to sing Kelly Clarkson or Beyonce right away but I can find pop songs that you can sing until you reach your personal goals! Singing is like learning a sport, you learn to sing step by step,” Cindy says. She also teaches group classes, workshops and show choirs to improve harmonizing skills, stage presence, overall singing technics, songwriting and preparing for auditions.

In addition, Cindy has studied various teaching methods to enhance her teaching skills. She started out working in artist management and worked with the artists on their stage performance, singing live and in the studio and maintaining their voices while on tour. Cindy also performed regularly herself in bands and in the studio and received several publishing deals with her songwriting. She also coaches artists and songwriters in the recording studio and has been a backup singer in bands and the studio. Cindy feels that all of these experiences make her a better teacher!


"My daughter has been a student of Cindy’s for over 8 years. Cindy has not only been a voice coach but one of the greatest influences on my daughter. She has always gone above and beyond accommodating and making voice fun and interesting. Cindy is an absolute pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to anyone over and over again. Thank you Cindy for all of these wonderful years!"

"Cindy brings a high degree of professionalism, a wealth of experience, and a skillset well-suited to meet the needs of students at every level. What I value most, however, is her warmth, kindness, and concern for my daughter as a person. I can truly say that she has become a friend to my daughter and this authentic and sincere relationship is what makes it possible for Cindy’s talents to make such a lasting impact on her students. She is truly a blessing and I couldn’t be more grateful for all she does!"


Private Lessons

The Basics

 Voice Development
 Vocal Technique and Textures
 Interpretation and Style


 Voice Care

Performance & More

 Stage Presentation
 Intro to Songwriting
 Tips For Singing In a Studio

Program Design

Each singer has different needs therefore, a program is specifically designed for each individual in order to develop their voice in a proper direction. In addition, each program can be designed for the style of music the singer performs. Cindy works with all musical genres to include Pop, Rock, Broadway, Country and Contemporary Christian. Programs can be designed for a specific need, for example: To correct an isolated vocal problem, prepare for a recording session or concert tour. However, for those who wish, a long-term development program can be designed. Programs can be designed for both the professional and aspiring amateur.

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Private Lessons